4 slots bagel toaster AICOK

We know that eating habits and cultures are very different in each country. In order to improve the customer experience of the toaster, we spent two years investigating more than 1,000 U.S. households. Then, our designers improved the toaster from slot width, baking time and shade control, product appearance and material, detail design and product efficiency.

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Bagels Function

  • Bagel Setting heats the upper half of the bagel only for a crispy top and a soft, chewy bottom…the way a bagel should be!
  • If you enjoy a bagel that is crispy on both sides, no need to engage the bagel button. Just toast it like you would a normal piece of bread without pressing the bagel button.

Reinforced Extra Lift Handle

Where toasting slots can be lifted higher than normal to make removing toast or smaller items like crumpets easier and without burning your fingers
7 Shade Control Setting

Shade control setting offers a full range of browning options to allow perfect customization of any piece of bread. Use the following settings for:

  • Settings 1-2: light shade of toast
  • Settings 3-5: medium shade of toast
  • Settings 6-7: dark shade of toast


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