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What does Bagel button on Toaster do

The Bagel button or Bagel Mode Setting lowers the power on the outer heating elements.

What this does is toasting the part that has been cut from the bagel and only warms up the other part of the bagel(the outer part).

This is to prevent that common bagel toppings such as seeds(sesame,sunflower etc) heat up too much.

Now there are also bagel toasters that warms up on both parts.

But not all bagel toasters do a good job on that so here at we make sure to only review and recommend bagel toasters that do heat up well and do what they need to to!

See how fast the seeds burn and what wants to prevents

Which way to put the bagel in the toaster

Turn the Bagel Setting on and take a look into the toaster and check for the red coils which will be hot so be carefull!

Make sure to put the side that has been cut towards the hot side of the bagel toaster.

But if you like burned seeds as shown in the foto here then offcourse do the opposite for the cut side of the bagel!